Setting Intentions In 5 Easy Steps

Have you always seen phrases thrown around such as 'have a think about what your intention is' or 'set clear intentions and you'll achieve it' or anything of the like?

We say it all the time with our candles so we thought we would dive deeper into what exactly it means and the benefits of intention setting.

What is intention setting?

Setting an intention is not the same as setting a goal. With intentions, you shouldn't have any expectations of the outcome or create any metrics for evaluation - an intention is purely there for you as a guiding principle. Your intentions should be set based on what you value and also on what you want to achieve more broadly in your life. 

With our crystal-infused candles each crystal comes with its own healing and energetic benefits. Because of this we believe that each crystal candle is perfect to help you set an intention. For example, if you are feeling like you are running at a million miles an hour, that you are becoming a little more forgetful or getting easily distracted, a Smoky Quartz crystal candle will quite easily help you feel more grounded. Whilst the crystal itself has this kind of healing energy, it is also the intention that you set every time you light that particular candle. Each time you are lighting it you pause, take a deep breath and know that you are lighting it to help you become a little more grounded.

Steps to set an intention:

  1. Use a ritual to start the process - i.e. light a candle, make yourself a tea, put relaxing music on. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, do that!
  2. Sit with yourself and really feel deep into what you need to bring into your life - get creative, think of things that you know will only make your life better.
  3. Write it down - writing your intentions down helps you become clear on what you want. Be specific when writing it down and write as if you have already achieved it (present tense).
  4. Feel the feelings of already living out that intention - if your intention is that you have a home filled with love, peace, joy and elegance, feel exactly that you already have that.
  5. Practice gratitude - feel gratitude for that intention that you are bringing in and feel gratitude that it has already come true.


We'd love to hear more about your intention setting! If you have any more questions around setting intentions with your crystal candles, please reach out. We are always happy to chat!


Hero image by @iambrandon747

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