Filling Your Space With Positive Vibes With Clear Quartz

If you haven’t already been introduced to Clear Quartz, let me do so now. Clear Quartz is one of the most popular crystals and is actually quite abundant. There are many reasons as to why having a Clear Quartz crystal in your collection is a must – here are some below:

1. Powerful healing and energy amplifier

Clear Quartz is the best crystal to have to amplify your emotions. This crystal is the best to have close by when you are feeling like you need a bit of an energy boost. Clear Quartz attunes itself to your current energy and will help increase it to reach your specific requirements. For example, if you are feeling mentally drained and your energy levels feel low, having a Clear Quartz around will give you the boost you feel you need most. The crystal will help take you back to a place before you felt a certain emotion or lowered energy levels.

2. Unblocks energy and good for overall healing

Clear Quartz has the powerful ability to regulate energy and unblock it. Sometimes, as humans, we have the tendency to take on other people’s energy without realising. An example of this is when a certain person is feeling very stressed or agitated, after spending time with that person, you will probably find you start feeling stressed and agitated as well. This is you taking on their energy. Clear Quartz is really good at helping to take that energy that doesn’t belong to you and help you release it. Holding onto a Clear Quartz crystal throughout the day can protect you from any negative energy – so keep it in your bra or pocket.

3. Balances your chakras

Clear Quartz cleanses and enhances the performance of your vital organs and helps to balance all your chakras. Specifically, Clear Quartz is the perfect stone to open up your crown chakra. Our crown chakra is best associated with our higher selves and the universe at large. This chakra is essentially responsible for the way we think and how we respond to our environment around us. We may feel our crown chakra out of alignment when we get really overwhelmed and taken back when something doesn’t go right for us.

 4. Perfect for intention setting

As Clear Quartz can really help to amplify and expand your energy field, the crystal is perfect to have when setting your intentions. The reason it’s so good, is because it is really susceptible to being ‘programmed’ – it can hold on to whatever intention you set with it. Programming a crystal means sending your intention and positive vibration into the crystal so that it retains that feeling and intention (I can write another article on how to programme and set intentions with your crystals).

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